Tapena Tempranillo

Tapeña is an innovate brand that offers expressive, fruit-forward, indigenous wines from the heart of Spain. The name Tapeña fuses two of the liveliest Spanish concepts: tapas, flavourful foods made to share, and peña, a close group of friends. Inspired by the energy of the lively tapas bars throughout Spain, these food-friendly wines from Spain's most successful winemaking family, the Ferrers, have a rich, sleek style that is approachable, lively and just a bit adventurous. 


Tapeña is crafted from grapes cultivated in Tierra de Castilla in the heartland of Spain. Outside the highly regulated Denominación de Origen (DO) system, these wines benefit from multiple micro-climates of the region that are well suited to the cultivation of classic Spanish grape varietes. With over 600,000 hectares, this large region provides diversity of soils, vinification and vineyard management that affords our winemaker the flexibility to create the very best wines from the best locations. 


100% Tempranillo

The quintessential red wine grape of Spain, Tempranillo is a perfect blend of fruit, earth, and structure, rounded out by a deliciously soft mouthfeel. We like to think of Tempranillo as Pinot Noir in blue jeans. 


Intense ruby red colour with violet-blue undertones characteristic of young red wines. This is a classic Tempranillo, showing intense flavours of earth, plums and violets over a hint of orange peel. It is full and luscius in the palate, rich in ripe fruits and fine tannins, with a great balance and lingering finish. 


The grapes are harvested manually, and brought to the winery by trailer. On arrival, they are de-stalked, and the grapes transferred to stainless steel talks for maceration and fermentation. We make two different styles of Tempranillo. One is produced with 5 days of skin maceration, and fermented at 25°C, to create a light, fruity wine. The other has 10 days maceration, and is fermented at temperatures ranging from 25 to 28°C, to create a wine with greater structure and higher levels of tannin. Tapeña Tempranillo 2008 is a blend of these two wines, in proportions which are winemakers consider create a perfect balance.

Food pairings

Tapeña Tempranillo is truly a food-friendly wine pairing well with a broad spectrum of dishes. Try it with paella, grilled lamb skewers, garlic prawns and broiled salmon. 

Analysis and tasting note

Alcohol: 13.4% 

Total acidity: 5.17 g /l in tartaric

PH: 3.40 

Residual sugar: 6 g/l 

Volatile acidity: 0.45 g/l 

Total SO2 : 70 mg/l Intense ruby red, with a violet-blue edge of youth. A typical Castilla Tempranillo, highly aromatic, full of woodland fruits with sloe and violets dominating, and ripe dark plums and a hint of orange peel. On the palate it is full of ripe, rounded fruits, balanced tannins and fine length. A balanced, rounded aromatic wine. 

Serving suggestions

Serve at room temperature, between 16 and 18°C. This full, ripe Tempranillo is perfect with all types of meat dish, braised, grilled or barbecued, as well as with a multitude of tapas, from cured ham to scampi. Store in a dry place, protected from light and vibrations.

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