Tapena Verdejo

Tapeña is an innovate brand that offers expressive, fruit-forward, indigenous wines from the heart of Spain. The name Tapeña fuses two of the liveliest Spanish concepts: tapas, flavourful foods made to share, and peña, a close group of friends. Inspired by the energy of the lively tapas bars throughout Spain, these food-friendly wines from Spain's most successful winemaking family, the Ferrers, have a rich, sleek style that is approachable, lively and just a bit adventurous. 


Tapeña is crafted from grapes cultivated in Tierra de Castilla in the heartland of Spain. Outside the highly regulated Denominación de Origen (DO) system, these wines benefit from multiple micro-climates of the region that are well suited to the cultivation of classic Spanish grape varietes. With over 600,000 hectares, this large region provides diversity of soils, vinification and vineyard management that affords our winemaker the flexibility to create the very best wines from the best locations. 


100% Verdejo

A traditional white grape from Spain, Verdejo was until recently one of the wine world's forgotten treasures. This wine presents perfectly soft floral aromas. bright fruit flavours and crisp acidity that make it ideal to enjoy with food or as a glass by itself. 

VERDEJO: From the wine-making region of Tierra de Castilla in the heartland of Spain, this pale yellow hued wine has a vibrant nose with an array of aromas of tropical fruits over a backdrop of ripe peaches. The palate is full of bright stone fruit that is beautifully balanced with a crisp, refreshing acidity and a lingering finish with a hint of minerality. 


The grapes are harvested at night, to take advantage of cool night time temperatures and to avoid premature oxidation. We use a cool skin contact maceration at 7-9°C for between 6 and 8 hours to extract maximum aromatic potential. Following the pressing the must is allowed to fall bright by static decantation. The alcoholic fermentation is done at controlled temperatures of between 14 and 16°C, and once it is finished we leave the young wine on its fine lees to create an increased complexity, both in aroma and flavour. 

Food pairings

Tapeña Verdejo is a food-friendly wine that pairs very well with many dishes. Try it with grilled salmon, seared scallops, lemon chicken or a fresh summer salad. 

Analysis and tasting note

Alcohol: 13% 

Total acidity: 4.12 g /l in tartaric 

Ph: 3.25 

Residual sugar: 4 g/l 

Pale straw yellow colour, with elegant hints of green. Fine fruity aromas of green apple and peach over a backdrop of tropical pineapple and a hint of star anise. The palate is full flavoured and complex, with the fine apple fruit amply balanced by a refreshing and lingering acidity. 

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