Château Jacques Boyd


Guillemet family 

Production area - Tupe of soil

Margaux - Thin, well-drained Quaternary silica gravel 

Appellation d'origine contrôlée


Average age and surface area of the vineyard

38 years - 17 hectares 

Grape varieties

67 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc 

Plantation density

10000 vines/hectare 

Vinegrowing techniques

Traditional Médoc-style pruning with double Guyot binding. Replacement of dead vines by layering. De-budding, thinning, topping, green harvesting where necessary. Phytosanitary protection by sustainable methods. 


Manual harvesting, in the cool hours of the day. Initial selection on the vine, two further sorting exercises before and after destemming. All manual. 

Winemaking - Maturing

Temperature-controlled stainless steel and concrete vats. Alcoholic fermentation followed by maceration for 8-30 days depending on the vintage. Pumped over several times daily. Malolactic transformation in the vat, sometimes partially in barrels. Wines matured in oak barrels for 12 to 24 months (30-50% new barrels), matured over the lees with stirring. 

Tasting notes 

Deep, brilliant crimson in colour. An expressive nose offering great finesse combining roasted and smoked tones and notes of morello cherry and cocoa. Classy elegance in the attack: the grilled and toasted notes complement the full-bodied and spiced red fruits with finesse, to create a wine which is both well-rounded and powerful. Long-lasting and delicious finish, with a note of grilled hazelnut. 

Serving suggestions

A classic, harmonious Margaux which will partner ideally with all meats and, as long as they are not too spicy, fine fish dishes, cheeses, walnuts, strawberries, etc.

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