Ocean Red

A Cuvée inspired by the quest for the open sea, untamed nature, and the simplicity of a pleasant moment shared among friends. 

A strict selection of vines has resulted in wines that will amaze both nose and palate, wines in which the fresh, fruity aromas stand out. A product range which is ideal for time spent relaxing on a terrace or at the beach. 


Pays de l'Atlantique wines stand out for their finesse and freshness. They are made with grapes from the wine areas of Charente, Charente-Maritime, Dordogne and Gironde. This is a land nurtured by great rivers and boasting a temperate oceanic climate which is influenced by the warm currents of the Gulf Stream, resulting in supple, fruity, aromatic wines. 

Grape varieties 

Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon 


Traditional vinification of the harvest with crushing and destemming once the grapes are collected. Low temperature maceration (8°C) for a period of 4 days. Fermentation of grape juice with temperature control. Maceration lasting 1 week to extract the full aromatic potential. 

Tasting notes 

Appearance: dense, bright red with raspberry tints. 

Nose: expressive and fruity, developing raspberry and currant aromas, nicely finished off with a touch of acidity. 

Palate: round on the palate, boasting fruity notes, reminiscent of red fruit. 

Serving suggestions

Best drunk as an aperitif or with barbecued meat, mixed salads or tapas. Perfect for paella-style spicy dishes. Serve at a temperature of 16°C for maximum enjoyment.

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