Océan White

A Cuvée inspired by the quest for the open sea, untamed nature, and the simplicity of a pleasant moment shared among friends. 

A strict selection of vines has resulted in wines that will amaze both nose and palate, wines in which the fresh, fruity aromas stand out. A product range which is ideal for time spent relaxing on a terrace or at the beach. 


Pays de l'Atlantique wines stand out for their finesse and freshness. They are made with grapes from the wine areas of Charente, Charente-Maritime, Dordogne and Gironde. This is a land nurtured by great rivers and boasting a temperate oceanic climate which is influenced by the warm currents of the Gulf Stream, resulting in supple, fruity, aromatic wines. 

Grape varieties 

Semillon - Sauvignon 

Vinifica tion 

The grapes are harvested by machine and protected from oxidation until they arrive at the winery. Destemming is followed by low temperature maceration on the skins. After pressing, a stainless steel vat is used for a period of settling lasting for 48 hours, followed by temperaturecontrolled alcoholic fermentation (between 16°C and 20°C). Finally, the wine is stored on the fine lees and then filtered before bottling. 

Tasting notes 

Appearance: pale, brilliant and clear yellow colour. Nose: marked by floral and citrus aromas with a discreet hint of minerality. Palate: fresh and dense on the palate, the wine reveals delicious notes of white flowers, pears and lemons. 

Serving suggestions

These wines make excellent aperitifs and are an ideal match for fish, poultry and reasonably strong soft cheeses. Also perfect with dessert to accompany a fruit salad or lemon tart. 

Enjoy served at 8-10°C.

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