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Château Ducla Expérience White


The MAU family

Production area - Types of soils

Saint-Exupéry - Silt and clay limestone soils 

Appellation d'origine contrôlée


Average anf and surface area of the vines used for this cuvee

20 years - 2,4 hectares 

Grape varieties

65% Sauvignon blanc, 20% Sauvignon gris, 10% Sémillon, 5% Muscadelle 

Plantation density

5000 vines/hectare 

Vinegrowing techniques

Guyot double and guyot simple pruning. Shoot removal, leaf stripping, bud removal, green harvesting. Sustainable fertilizer use. 


The grapes are picked early in the morning and transported in hoppers with inert carbon dioxide snow to limit oxidation. 

Winemaking - Maturing 

Traditional Bordeaux method, plot-by-plot vinification. The grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive in the winery. Protection of the unfermented musts by carbon dioxide snow. Macerated in cold conditions for 5 to 10 days. Plot-by-plot vinification. Alcoholic fermentation in French oak barrels. Matured on the fine lees for 8 months with regular stirring. 

Tasting notes

Pale golden robe. Profound and expressive, with hints of herbs and roasted white peach, accented with notes of candied orange peel and cedar wood. The attack expertly blends fresh citrus notes with the spicy, unguent power of pine sap. Hints of candied citron and white pepper pave the way for a finish dominated by elegant grilled aromas. 

Serving suggestions

Pleasant as an aperitif or served with duck foie gras, salmon carpaccio or a seafood platter.