Beauchatel Sauvignon

his wine does not come from a great estate, nor a great 'chateau' - but it has the same substance. Made from the best grape varieties of southern France, BEAUCHATEL is a range of delicate varietal wines to be enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere.

BEAUCHATEL is the result of a historic collaboration with a selection of producers in the south of France. These are partners with whom we share the same values: passion, commitment and quality.

Production Area

Gers - Tolosan 


An oceanic terroir which offers the ideal balance between sunshine, rainfall and cool conditions, resulting in complex yet fruity wines. 


Sand-silt (Armagnac sands) on claysandstone subsoil. 

Winemaking Techniques

Particular care goes into the state of health of the Sauvignon grapes and into their transport to the winery; it is essential to avoid any oxidation during this prefermentary phase in which the aromas first emerge. The modern vinification methods used include maceration on the skins for around 10 hours at 12°C in order to strengthen the aromatic potential and flesh of the wine. After the pneumatic pressing, the must is left to settle in stainless steel vats (48hrs) before the alcoholic fermentation is carried out under temperature control (16 to 19°C). The wine is then kept on the fine lees until filtration prior to bottling. 

Tasting Notes

Appearance: pale gold 

Bouquet: an explosion of intense, ethereal exotic fruit scents (pineapple) mingling with fresh citrus and gentle hints of blossom (jasmine). 

Palate: lively, a hint of lemon providing perfect balance with rounded white peach flavours. 

Food/Wine pairings

This sunny, lemony wine will obviously be perfect with fresh fish and seafood. Its light character and intense aromas also make a good choice for all kinds of summer meals, salads, or why not on its own, as an aperitif. Serve well chilled (10°C).

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