Beauchatel Grenache rosé

This wine does not come from a great estate, nor a great 'chateau' - but it has the same substance. Made from the best grape varieties of southern France, BEAUCHATEL is a range of delicate varietal wines to be enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere. BEAUCHATEL is the result of a historic collaboration with a selection of producers in the south of France. These are partners with whom we share the same values: passion, commitment and quality

Production Area



 Warm grape variety which likes the wind and dryness of the south of France. 


 Primarily clay and silt on the hillsides and valleys of the Aude. 

Winemaking Techniques

The juices gained from fully bleeding the vats of Grenache (which are therefore subjected to a very short maceration - 2 to 6 hours - in an inert atmosphere) are fermented at a low temperature to retain all the delicate aromas of the Grenache variety. 

Tasting Notes

Appearance: a light, bright pink colour. 

Bouquet: delicate and expressive, with currant jelly and rose petal notes. 

Palate: sharp and rich, with hints of pomegranate juice and lightly-spiced ref fruit compote. Perfectly balanced with a wonderful fruity freshness. 

Food/Wine Pairings

 To be served chilled (12°C) as an aperitif but also with summer salads or grilled meat. Do not hesitate to pair it with fruity desserts to awaken its aromatic notes.

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