Océan Grenache

The taste of French Summer holidays!

A Cuvée inspired by the quest for the open sea, untamed nature, and the simplicity of a pleasant moment shared among friends.

A strict selection of vines has resulted in wines that will amaze both nose and palate, wines in which the fresh, fruity aromas stand out.

A product range which is ideal for time spent relaxing on a terrace or at the beach.


The Aude hillsides are exposed to the hot, dry Mediterranean climate and produce wines rich in fruit and flavour.


The juices produced by ‘bleeding' all the Grenache vats (maceration is very short, 2 to 6 hrs in an inert atmosphere) are fermented at low temperatures so as to conserve all the delicate aromas of the Grenache grape variety.


Appearance: A generous pink, with sparkling salmon tints.

Bouquet: Expressive and evocative of fresh strawberries and apricot compote. On swirling new fruit compote aromas emerge (raspberry, cherry and cassis) along with a spicy note of cinnamon.

Palate: Fresh, acidulous and full, expressing notes of blackberry with strawberry coulis.


Served chilled (10°C) with summer salads and summer vegetables or barbecues.

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