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Frozen Rosé

It will come as a lovely surprise.

A pleasingly sweet rosé without the taste of alcohol, designed

to be served chilled with plenty of ice.

Frozen Rosé offers the playfulness of a cocktail and the class of a rosé!

Have fun preparing your drink: rosé and plenty of ice in a

cocktail glass.

This rosé is a real hit thanks to its cheerful design and above all its crisp, fruity and clean flavours!

Chill tip

Frozen Rosé has a thermo-reactive ink on its label which changes colour when the rosé is chilled enough and ready to drink!

A fun occasion!

Adopt Frozen Rosé for your aperitif or with your desserts.

Share it with whoever you want, whenever you want!

Frozen Rosé will be the must-have drink for gatherings.

Ideal in summer, it will keep you cool on the patio, by the

pool or at barbecues with friends...

Not forgetting...

Alcohol content: 9%

Sugar: 60g/L

Product category: Aromatised Wine-Based Drink

Where to find it in stores

In the "Rosés on ice" shelves