Paramus Verdejo - Espagne

Paramus Verdejo 2014

D.O Rueda


85% Verdejo

15% Viura


The 2014 vintage developed along a normal time frame, but with production registering a 3% decrease as compared to 2013, which was in itself a record harvest. Picking began on 27th. August with Sauvignon Blanc, and ended on 10th. October with the last red varieties. As a result, grapes were picked in a very healthy condition.


Production of this Rueda Verdejo white wine begins with the grape harvest and subsequent arrival at the winery as early as possible in the morning to prevent any oxidation that would negatively affect potential aromas.

The grapes are then removed from the stems and sent to the macerators where they undergo peculiar (cold) maceration for a period between 5 and 8 hours. Afterwards, the grapes are pressed, separating the free-run juice from the pressed must or juice.

Alcoholic fermentation is carried out at a temperature between 12 and 15°C for about 15 days. Once it is completed, the wine is then decanted, leaving it to age for at least two months on its fines lees so that the wine becomes balanced, rounded and sweetened to soften the bitter notes that are characteristics of the Verdejo variety.

This type of wine is not subjected to malolactic fermentation in order to preserve the wine's freshness and moderate acidity. It then undergoes clarification, cold tartrate stabilisation, amicrobic filtration and bottled.

Tasting note

Clean, very bright straw yellow with steely green tones.

It is complex and intense on the nose, predominantly floral in character as well as strongly characterised by its white fruits, such as green apple and pear, accompanied by elegant flavours of low woodlands and subtle hints of lavender and fennel.

Fresh, full-bodied and full-flavoured on the palate with good acidity, persistent, with a lingering aftertaste and a touch of bitterness that is characteristic of the Verdejo variety.

Winemaking data

Alcoholic strength : 12,85%

Total acidity : 3,75 g/L

pH : 3,15

Sugars <3 g/L

Bottling date : beginning of February 2015

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