Vionta Albariño - Espagne

Vionta Albarino 2014

D.O Rias Baixas


100% Albarino

The vintage

The weather in 2014 lead us to harvest in the last week of September. From 14th to 22nd September it rained every day.

The cycle of the vintage has evolved with weather patterns registering fewer cold days in winter, more rainfall, above all in the Spring, producing in the critical period of flower drop and fruit set, a significant bud drop loss (20-30%). Yields were reasonably even in the vineyards, depending greatly on the time of bud thinning and its coincidence with the arrival of the rains.

During the veraison period the weather was not as kind as we might have hoped, and by mid September the wines still hand a great deal of moisture in them, and the soils were relatively damp, which slowed down the ripening process, created outbreaks of some fungal diseases and some specific problems towards the end with botrytis, meaning that we had to be especially vigilant in selection of appropriate fruit, both in the vineyard and in the winery.

The ripeness analyses carried out by technologist indicated that the vintage would be one of low alcohol

levels and high acidity.

This year the harvest yielded 33 743 486 kg of the various varieties allowed in the D.O., 32 728 278 kg of which were the Albarino grape variety, representing 97% of the total harvest in the designation of origin. The "Salnés Valley" sub-sector provides 21 364 568 million kilos of the Albarino grape. The vineyard yield this year has been nearly 8300 kg/Ha.


Only Albarino grapes were used, predominantly from vineyards over 15 years old.

Fermentation was carried out at a controlled temperature to preserve all the floral and tropical nuances. The combination of yeasts selected by our winemakers enhances the exceptional complexity of the aroma and taste of these very delicate wines. In addition, a part of the harvest was macerated on lees (70%), which gives improved structure to the wine.

Due to the good level of acidity of the grape, it was decided not to carry out any malolactic fermentation.

Therefore we have a well-rounded, balanced wine with the typical acidity of the Albarino grape.

Tasting note

This is a great white wine, yellow-hued with a golden-green iridescence and a bright, crystalline appearance.

It is fruity on the nose, with a mix of tropical, green apple, banana, kiwi and melon aromas.

It is smooth and pleasantly acid on the palate, giving way to a blend of ripe fruit flavors enhanced by peach. The maceration on lees provides it with body and structure that give it its strong personality. A wine with a lingering aftertaste, very aromatic and slightly bitter, which is typical of the variety.

Food pairings

Ideal with fish and seafood. As this is a wine great structure, aroma and good acidity, it is also ideal for enjoying special moments with friends.

Production data

Bottling start date : beginning of May 2015

Alcohol strength : 12,7% Vol.

Acidity : 6,4 g/L (tartaric)

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