Yvecourt Bordeaux Rosé


In order to elaborate Bordeaux Yvecourt, the Yvon Mau House surrounded with the Jury of the Greatest Wine Cellars Masters from Bordeaux. This year, they organized few blind tasting and selected among several proposals this authentic, harmonious, fruity, round and well-balanced Bordeaux wine. 


The wine is made from grapes grown specifically for making rosé, that is to say, with a maximum potential of fruitiness and freshness. The grapes, harvested in early maturity, are de-stemmed and macerate during a very short time (several hours) before being put into vats. 


60% Merlot 

20% Cabernet Sauvignon 

20% Cabernet Franc 

Tasting notes

Yvecourt Bordeaux rosé has a beautiful raspberry hue. The wine has a good intensity, between bright and elegant and fresh fruit notes (cherry, redcurrant and strawberry). Its aromatic richness and freshness will pair perfectly with grilled meats, salads, and appetizers.

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