Seigneurs de Bergerac Rosé

Seigneurs de Bergerac's wines draw quality and wine tradition from their prestigious ancestral land. 


The wine is made from grapes grown specifically for making rosé, with a maximum potential of fruitiness and freshness. The grapes, harvested in early maturity, are de-stemmed and macerate during a very short time (several hours) before being put into vats. 


50% Merlot 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 10% Cabernet Franc

Tasting notes 

Seigneurs de Bergerac Rosé reveals an elegant cherry pink dress. The nose is expressive and develops notes of red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) and rose petals. In the mouth the wine is fruity and delicious, with aromas reminiscent of strawberries, apricots, and a hint of fresh almonds. 

Tasting suggestion 

Served at 9 ° C, this wine will perfectly pair with all light meals like summer salads, tapas, and fruit cakes.

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