Morlanda Red

Morlanda is located in Bellmunt del Priorat and was founded in 1997, although the vineyards that surround the modern winery are much older. With 170 acres of land, only 47 are planted vineyards, many of which are 25 to 40 years old. The Morlanda vines typically yield under 1.25 tons per acre, low even for Priorat standards. The elevation is between 550 and 700 feet. The name of the winery is taken from the name of the highest hill in the area. The estate produces about 3,300 cases of wine annually. 

Tasting notes

Full cherry and ruby red color with good intensity. Deep plums, blackberries and black currant aromas with roasted coffee aromas on the nose. The palate is full and complex with soft tannins on the finish. 
Food pairings
Because of its rich intensity, you'll want to go for big flavors. Think grilled lamb, pepper steak, veal stew, a garlicky pasta or even a pizza with "the works".


Following destemming and crushing, the grapes are transferred to stainless steel tanks. All the tanks have temperature control facilities, and fermentation is carried out at between 770 and 820. Subsequent maceration lasts for around 30 days, the exact length of time for each tank being dependant on regular tasting and analysis. Once racked from the heavy lees, the young wine goes through malolactic fermentation, which is monitored daily by analysis. Once it is finished the wine is racked and prepared for aging in barrel. 


50% Garnacha Tinta, 50% Cariñena 


Alcohol: 15.45% 
Acidity: 4.9 g/l

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