Yvon Mau Colombard Chardonnay

The Yvon Mau varietals range is a selection of bold, convivial wines with an irresistible balance of fruit and body. They are the fruit of a historic partnership between Yvon Mau and a selection of local winegrowers in the South of France. These partners share the same values which have always inspired us: passion, commitment and quality. 


Gascony with its rich, green valleys nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees produces 90% white wines. The influence of the oceanic climate combines with the mountains nearby to create an ideal microclimate for bringing out all the aromas of the wines. 


Clay and limestone. 


The grapes are pressed using a pneumatic press. The musts of the resultant juice are left to settle under cold conditions (8°C). Alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature controlled vats (18°C), started off by the addition of yeasts which are specially selected for their ability to bring out the aromas of the chardonnay and colombard grapes. 


Chardonnay : 40%, Colombard : 60% 

Tasting tips 

This Colombard Chardonnay has a positively radiant pale yellow robe, with a rich, intense nose dominated by citrus aromas and a hint of orange flower. This elegant aromatic display continues in the mid-palate, with great freshness and impressive length of flavour. 


Serve chilled (10°C). 

Food pairings 

This is a classic, easy-drinking wine, perfect as an aperitif and just as good with fish or seafood dishes.

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