• Henri Abelé Champagne

    Yvon Mau Managing Director, was appointed head of Henri Abelé Champagne, owned by Freixenet Group since 1985. The commercialisation of Bordeaux wines and Henri Abelé champagnes starts by a single Yvon Mau/Henri Abelé sales team.
  • Grands Crus Classés

    Yvon Mau added Grand Cru Classé sales to its portfolio. In 2004, the acquisition of Bordeaux company Grands Crus Diffusion specialising in sales of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés meant that Yvon Mau could now propose all the Grands Crus Classés, even the rarest, and secure its sourcing. Since then, the company's Grands Crus business has grown constantly.
  • The Freixenet advantage

    Catalan group Freixenet (world n° 1 in sparkling wines, 9th largest wine group in the world) acquired Yvon Mau, thus opening up exciting prospects internationally, the financial means to match the company's ambitions, and a long-term vision of the business.
  • Innovation and international

    Jean François Mau was convinced that the conquest of new territories could be achieved by targeting exports, quality undertakings, innovation in bottling, and the creation of brands.
  • Development

    Following in his father's footsteps, Michel Mau gave the company a new stature. Under his direction Yvon Mau took on the dimension of a major Bordeaux trading house.
  • The penny-farthing

    In his permanent quest for the best new wines, Aristide Mau's son Yvon cycled around the region on his penny-farthing (because horses had been requisitioned for the First World War). In tribute to this "grand monsieur" of wine, the company would later adopt his name and the image of his bicycle for its emblem.
  • The pioneer

    Convinced that Bordeaux wines had a strong future, Aristide Mau set up his own trading business. Time has borne him out. Today the Maison boasts more than a century's worth of know-how and expertise and has climbed up to fourth place among the major Bordeaux trading houses.
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